album cover of Goat Girl

Goat Girl

“Dance of Dirty Leftovers” by Goat Girl lays easygoing dissonant chords over a psychedelic swirl. Goat Girl by Goat Girl

James LeBaigue’s micromusic

LeBaigue’s strange pitch-shifty pop songs are one minute long and only available on his Instagram for now. View this post on...

illustration of a moon face with butterflies in blue

Jennifer Castle’s Monarch Season

Monarch Season by Canadian songwriter Jennifer Castle is out on Toronto’s Idée Fixe Records. Check out “NYC” with heavy reverb on...

Blue Divers ablum cover with lonely mountain in distance

Blue Divers

An Australian experimental ambient group, with soft static, tape hiss, and sweet melodic murmurs. Blue Divers call to mind Jon Hassel...

Big Joanie

Unusual punk band from London, Big Joanie coming out soon on Kill Rock Stars. Nice cover of Solange’s “Cranes in the...

The silt

Here’s “Back to the Willow” by The silt, a Canadian trio who write songs with lots of strange sounds in them.