Burrell Soundscapes

Hello selection committee, thank you for considering my application. Below are three selections I feel are relevant.

1. Bees (2015), sound and multimedia installation at Museo Napoleanico, Rome. The exhibition included texts on windows and vitrines, screenprints scattered amongst the permanent collection, and a simple sound recording of birds and bees. Though the sound recording was very simple, its usage inside the rococo and neoclassical interior museum spaces was surreal. This was a poetic and quiet critique of empire and the anthropocene.

poem on window
Bees detail shot

2. Willows and Palms (2016), visual art and sound installation at Dupont Projects, Toronto. This is an excerpt from a 20-minute looping composition using fireworks, rain, domestic ambience, and performances on guitar and voice. The work evokes a dreamscape that folds several acoustic spaces and timelines together.

Willows and Palms
Willows and Palms detail shot

3. The House (2013) visual art and sound installation at Toronto’s Hart House. Recordings of ukulele and the sound of running footsteps were made in the gallery itself (there was a gymnasium above), so the recording doubled the sound-character of the space and created echoes of real time sounds. Though this is a noisy recording, when played in the space itself the noise seems to disappear, as it is the sound of the room’s ventilation system.

The House
The House installation shot

Bonus material if you are curious to hear more:

Bonus material: Pipes (2022), a representation of walking around behind the scenes at the World Pipe Band Championship at Glasgow Green.


Bonus material: Rooms by the Barras (2022), a performance of ukulele and whistling in various parts of a disused warehouse in the Barras.

Rooms by the Barras

Bonus material: Merriment (2022), an electroacoustic composition using archival material from 2002 and new performances from 2022.