Honey by Josh Thorpe

Unusual Music editor Josh Thorpe launches his new album with Toronto’s Ur Audiovisual. Honey, Thorpe’s 5th album, is DIY pop with a taste for unusual sounds.

The musical materials of Honey are simple: guitars that lean sometimes to the smooth, sometimes to the skronky, a six-string electric bass that often doubles as a guitar, drums that lay down deep and sweet grooves, a few bits of ‘80s toy keyboards, and very unusual trombone part on “The World”. The lyrics, as always, explore images and spaces rather than narratives or arguments or identities.

“The words drift past like thoughts on an inner tube ride down a lazy river, one moment wondering what the dog’s going to eat for breakfast, later on the substance of love.” -Soren Brothers

Video for “Cloud Study” by Kristine Mifsud:

Video for “The World” by David Court and Carolyn Lambert:

Honey was recorded in Glasgow from 2018 to 2023 and features Rory Haye on bass, Owen Curtis Williams on drums, Amanda Nizic on harmony voice, and Doug Tielli on trombone. Cover art from a pastel painting by Josh Thorpe (learn more about Thorpe’s visual art). Recorded variously by Luigi Pasquini and roddymacaudio. Mastered by Harris Newman.

album cover for honey by josh thorpe, a yellow abstract painting
Honey by Josh Thorpe