We love trippy: Listening with Renée Lear

This episode is with video artist Renée Lear, who has taken an unusual interest in unusual music. We listen to and discuss unusual music from Ween and Clown Core to Mississippi Fred McDowell.

Renée Lear Part 1
Renée Lear Part 2

We also did a video screening, which you can see on YouTube. This features a short art video we did together, a music video Renée did for one of my songs (featuring a family of barn owls), and a few of Renée’s brilliant works.

Renée Lear is an experimental video artist, performer, photographer and filmmaker. Her practice engages both playfully and critically with the material, instruments and processes that produce moving images. Her recent work includes video, video installation, video performance, video mixing in live environments, animation and GIF montage. She works both solo and in collaboration with other artists, musicians, DJ’s, chefs and dancers. Her work has been shown in art galleries, festivals, underground cinemas, performance spaces, dance clubs, music venues, ad hoc public spaces and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Renée Lear lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Thanks to Dunlop Art Gallery, YYZ Artists Outlet, and CJTR for sponsoring.