What is the world? Nobody knows.

This month editor Josh Thorpe’s How Things Happen launched with Canadian / French imprint Rat-drifting.

Eric Chenaux writes: “Thorpe’s How Things Happen inhabits detailed fields of time stretched beyond any illusions of measure; lounging chords and a drawl of cadences; luscious, languid melodies; and, in Where Is Rita and George, one of the strangest vocal hooks I’ve heard in a long while.”

How Things Happen is the fourth album by Glasgow-based Canadian Josh Thorpe. It brings together song and experimental music in uncommon companionship. The title track “How Things Happen” is completely plain and yet quite strange. Seventeen minutes long, with only three chords, it features Thorpe’s speech-song, lyrics dedicated to the city of Glasgow, and a trombone part that could have been a character in Charlie Brown. The song began in a Govanhill flat with the sound of Thorpe’s partner calling the name of an imaginary dog.