More disoriented states with Linda C. Smith

In this interview and listening session with Linda Catlin Smith we listen to and discuss unusual music. We hear Smith’s strange piece Drifter for piano and guitar performed by Apartment House and listen to Rudolf Komorous, Erik Satie, Anne Southam, Jo Kondo, Allison Cameron, Eve Egoyan and more.

We discuss disorientation, puzzlement, timbre, processes of composition, sketchbook approaches, all-overness, collage, gold coins, articulation, kaleidoscopic-ness, harmony, pitch language, strangeness, gems, feeling for sound, spaciousness, care, calm, inquiry.

portrait of Linda Catlin Smith in black and white, grainy

Composer Linda Catlin Smith grew up in New York and lives in Toronto. She studied music with composers Rudolf Komorous, Martin Bartlett, John Celona, Michael Longton and Jo Kondo at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Her work has been performed internationally by BBC Scottish Orchestra, Arraymusic, Vancouver New Music, Apartment House, Bozzini and Penderecki Quartets, Eve Egoyan, and many others.

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