Powerdove: humpbacks, tap shoes, and ancient Greece w/ Lewandowski and Bonvalet

Josh Thorpe speaks with Annie Lewandowski and Thomas Bonvalet. We listen to their unusual duet Powerdove, which combines austere melodic singing with cosmic rattles and bursts of machinic joy…

We also listen to the song of two humpback whales, which Annie has recorded, and which is utterly weird and beautiful. And Musique de la Grèce Antique (1979) from Spanish group Atrium Musicae de Madrid, led by Gregorio Paniagua. These unusual songs attempt to breath life into scraps of documents of ancient Greek music. The result is both old as time and contemporary as punk rock. Finally a short excerpt of John Cage’s Cheap Imitation, (a response to Erik Satie’s Socrate for Merce Cunningham).

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