About UME

Unusual Music Exchange is a radio show and a space for sharing and listening to unusual music. It run by Josh Thorpe in Glasgow. Follow us on Instagram.

UME is a magazine without journalism. A library without order. A medium for focus rather than distraction. It is free and unlimited at the moment, though we may experiment with other models. Suggestions are welcome. UME may also serve as an ad hoc label or publisher for the occasional project.

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Josh Thorpe also runs University Material and Promptly Books. University material aims to provide user-friendly, practical academic skills support, protocols and workbooks to college and university students (or soon-to-be students or parents of students etc.). Promptly Books is a series of activity workbooks for fun, wellbeing, and productivity. If you know someone who might enjoy, please support UME and send them the links to Josh’s other projects.