Groove and multiplicity with Semay Wu

Cellist, improviser, and composer Semay Wu makes exciting sounds with her cello and amplified objects. We listen to three of her wonderful short pieces, plus work from Homelife, Rex Casswell, Anne Wellmer, Fani Konstantinidou, BMB, and Sun Ra.

We talk about rhythm, multiplicity, small sounds, detail, foley, mics, standing up and sitting on the floor, a group for under represented voices in sound called New Emergences, DIY approaches using clothes pegs and packets of seeds as percussion instruments…and we listen to lots of unusual and beautiful sound and music.

Semay Wu is a cellist, improviser, and composer who has lived in Merseyside, Manchester, The Netherlands, and now to Central Scotland. She pushes the boundaries of how the cello is viewed and heard,  and she works equally with other objects, instruments, electronics and mixed media. She has produced video pieces, performance/interactive-installations, graphic scores, as well as working remotely with communities for an online audio cookbook. Semay released her first solo collection of recorded material in November last year, ‘Raspberry Hotel’, by Akashic Records. She performs all over, most recently a solo set at the Tectonics Festival in Glasgow, and coming in November 2023 Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music.

This episode was sponsored by YYZ Artists’ Outlet for ResonanceFM.

Artist Semay Wu in striped shirt casts a dramatic shadow
Artist Semay Wu, photo: Anne Wellmer